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Abelha Organic Cachaça Prata


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This small batch, artisanal cachaça is from the heart of Bahia, which is known as the soul of Brazil - the birthplace of samba and capoeira. 

Organic sugarcane, traditional and natural farming techniques, and deep reverence for the local environment create an exceptional cachaça of the highest quality. 

Abelha Cachaça is well-known and loved across Europe, and is now finally available in the US.  Be one of the first to try!

The prata is aged six months. Our reviewer noted, "It drinks like a grappa. It has that beautiful round olive oil mouth feel that you get when you are drinking really quality grappa. It blows any plata cachaca out of the water because its not astringent in the slightest bit. It’s just really lovely. Great for people who shy away from sugar cane based spirits."

750ml & 80 Proof

Tasting Notes An intense fruity-aromatic nose, a fresh sugarcane and stone fruits taste with a smooth dry finish. 

Ways to Enjoy
Classic: Makes a standout Caipirinha

Unexpected: try sipping - smooth as can be, depth of flavor, and zero astringency
Production Notes

‘Maria Bonita’ organic sugarcane is processed within 24 hours of being cut, followed by open air fermentation, then distilled in traditional 800 liter copper stills. Only the purest part (the heart - 10%) of the distillate is retained for use in the end product, to ensure the very best quality and taste. Following distillation, this cachaça rests for 6 months in open steel tanks.

The organic process means not adding sugar and resting before bottling. Along with single-distillation and using only the heart of the distillate, all are key the spirit's high quality and distinctive, luxurious taste.

Abelha Cachaça is a family operation, produced at a single-estate from cane field to pot still. The estate is located in Rio de Contas, in the Chapada Diamantine region, which is in the heart of Bahia.  The highland sandy soils are excellent terrain for growing Maria Bonita sugarcane.
Founder Facts

Master Distiller Marcos Vaccaro is an expert in both cachaça distillation and organic farming practices. He and his team are dedicated to safeguarding traditional and natural farming techniques, which are integral to the creation of this excellent, hand-crafted cachaça.

The distillery and farm have fair-working and fair trade practices, and have designed their production process in support of the local community and to contribute to the local economy. 

Abelha's long-term ambition is to equip more farmers locally in organic agriculture techniques and certification.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.