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Gosling's Family Reserve Old Rum


Keen to drink like one of the world's oldest rum families drink? Gosling's Family Reserve is how you do it. Aged for 16-20 years, this Family Reserve rum was produced for decades -- kept for Gosling family events and special occasions -- but not sold commercially until 2003.  

Forgive the modesty of its name, Old Rum. It belies a super rich, complexly sweet spirit with a strong, smooth finish that seemingly last forever.

It is still produced at a much smaller scale than the more famous (younger) Black Seal brand from Gosling's, so the bottles are much harder to come by.

"The family Reserve competes against cognac and high-end bourbon whiskey. - Gear Patrol

Tasting Notes
Pungent, dried fruit, cigar box, cherries, toffee, passion fruit. Full-bodied. Bitter wood tannins, cinnamon and pimenta allspice balances rich dried fruit, baked apple, treacle and vanilla fudge.  Long fruity and spicy finish with pleasing varnished dried fruit. - Difford's Guide
Production Notes First introduced to the US in 2005, Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum is the oldest release in the Goslings range. It begins with the same rum blend as the flagship Black Seal, but this bottling rests for much longer in bourbon oak barrels. It is aged entirely in Bermuda, where the sub-tropical climate imparts an extra nuanced complexity, depth and richness of flavor. Old Rum is intended to be a "sipping rum" served as you would a cognac or single malt scotch. 
Founder Facts
Gosling's is Bermuda's national treasure. James Gosling, the son of a wine and spirits merchant, set out for America in 1806. A calamitous journey turned them toward Bermuda, which is where they put in port and ended up settling. James and his brother experimented with aging rum distillate from the UK in Bermuda and began offering it for sale to local Bermudians. Until the First World War, they sold Gosling's from the barrel, with people bringing in their own bottles to fill up.  Eventually it was put into champagne bottles, reclaimed from the British Officer's mess, and the corks were sealed with distinctive black wax.  Soon after, people began asking for "the black seal" and the brand's iconic name and emblem was bestowed.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: sipped neat

Unexpected: Enjoy dessert: ice cream and ginger beer for a creamy, throwback Rum Float


Beverage Tasting Institute Platinum award

91/100 on

750ml & 80 proof

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.