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Elephant London Dry Gin


A delicious and classic London Dry that's made a name for itself through exceptional quality and heartfelt commitment to conservation of the African Elephant.

Elephant Gin was born from a desire to celebrate and protect one of the world's most magnificent animals. 15% of the brand's profits go to support two foundations dedicated to African elephant conservation.

The gin is a a peppery and classic London Dry, made with rare African botanicals.

A recipient of Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark, this means Elephant Gin undergoes a stringent yearly assessment that looks at holistic sustainability practices to ensure the brand has a positive impact on people and the planet.

Enjoy a gin cocktail and drink to a worthwhile cause.

A fine piece of work! - Drinkhacker

750ml & 90 Proof

Tasting Notes An earthy pine on the nose. Smooth mouthfeel with peppery flavor, lavender, ginger, and citrus. Pine and juniper for the warm, dry finish.

Ways to Enjoy
Classic: G&T all the way 

Unexpected: Try an Apple Gin Fizz to play on the bright apple notes
Gold - World Spirits Awards, 2020
Production Notes

Handmade in Germany in small batches of around 600 bottles, Elephant Gin focuses on the highest quality production standards. 

The 14 botanical blend includes those native to Africa, herbs like Lion's Tail and Devli's Claw from South Africa and Baobab, from Malwai, in addition to classic gin botanicals like juniper and orange peel. Each bottle is custom made, and each label, hand-written by a calligrapher, carries the name of a past great tusker or elephant that the brand's partner foundations currently help to protect.

Sustainability is interwoven through all the company's efforts, from the sourcing of ingredients and materials to reducing waste and contributing to the social and economic livelihoods of the people in local communities.

Founder Facts

Elephant Gin's founders were inspired by their journeys through Africa to create a product that would contribute to elephant conservation efforts.

15% of Elephant's Gins profits go toward two organizations. Big Life Foundation is an anti-poaching organization that aims to protect and conserve 2 million acres of wilderness in East Africa, while also supporting the economic interests of the Maasai people, to improve overall quality of life for the entire community.  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in Nairobi that focuses on rescuing orphaned baby elephants and returning them to the wild once they are grown.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

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