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Carpano Bundle 375ml: Carpano Classico, Carpano Dry, Carpano Bianco


A Stock The Bar set of high-quality vermouths for all those cocktail nights at home.

Carpano Classico
16% ABV
Based on the original vermouth recipe invented by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in the 1900s. Its Carpano character shines forth in cocktails: decisive, with zesty scents that persist in your mouth. It tastes both sweet and bitter and is perfectly balanced, thanks to the fresh bitter oranges and burned sugar which gives it its particular amber color.

Carpano Bianco
14.9% ABV
Born in the 1930s, this vermouth has a fresh and complex aroma and an easily identifiable wine note, in addition to citrus and exotic fruit. Fresh cocoa beans and almonds complete the bouquet. An initially smooth and velvety palate is rounded off by a complex wine note with mineral tones. Persistent and delightful, this vermouth is perfect for any occasion.

Carpano Dry
18% ABV
Distillerie Branca's expertise and the contributions of Luca Gardini, many times World Sommelier champion. Characterized by an exceptional wealth of aromas, balanced and structured but not aggressive, including candied fruit, spices, coriander, frankincense, and lemon essential oil. The dry character of this vermouth makes it perfect for a classic gin martini.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.