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Cocchi Americano Rosa Aperitivo


Remember when Aperol Spritzes were suddenly everywhere? This is a bottle that shows you're one step ahead of all that. 

Cocchi Americano is a aromatized wine from the Asti region of Italy. The Rosa expression is made with Piedmont red wines and added floral and spice extracts.

This low-alcohol aperitivo drinks similar to a light wine, but is perfect for all sorts of mixing, and is just as delightful with a splash of soda, or sipped on the rocks.

Introduce your crowd to this season's must-have for that spritz mood: Cocchi Americano Rosa.

"Bright, lively, and gently bittersweet, the Italian-made Cocchi Rosa is an ideal bottle for Aperol fans who are looking to branch out." Food & Wine

750ml & 33 Proof

Tasting Notes A beautiful balance of sweet and bitter. While the nose is initially greeted with pleasant floral and fruity aromas, it is quickly followed by a second layer of light spices. Notes of strawberry sorbet, rose petals, and grapefruit zest perfectly balance out bitter and herbal notes along the palate. A sweet strawberry finish with flashing notes of fresh ginger leaves the mouth with a lingering sweetness.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: Dead simple, add  to your favorite sparkling beverage of the moment -- Spindrift, Izze, LaCroix, even Prosecco. What you get is a fruity, fizzy, light refresher for those low-ABV days.

Unexpected: Try it the Italian-British fusion way with the Cocchi Rosa & Earl Grey Tea Spritz
Production Notes

Aromatized wines are wines flavored with fruit, spices, and florals, in addition to alcohol. Think botanicals and bitter herbs.

Cocchi Americano Rosa is made with red wines from the Piedmont region.  This gives it its lovely color and wild rose notes.  Added floral and spice extracts, in particular rose petals, citrus zests, ginger, saffron, cinchona, and vanilla. 

Founder Facts

Giulio Cocchi created Cocchi Americano in 1891, and it has been produced since then without interruption according to the original recipe. Cocchi's products and recipes were quite well-known during the Belle Epoque and continued to flourish in the Futurist period.  Today its strong artisan tradition continues, drawing inspiration from a rich history and reputation as the "aperitif par excellence."

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.