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St. George All Purpose Vodka


What a name!  There's a great English expression: "Does what it says on the tin."  And that's this bottle for sure. All purpose. Gets the job done.

Excellent utility player: extraordinarily clean, but still full-bodied with mild fruity and floral flavors.

"Needs nothing added to it. A hands-down instant classic" - Spirits Journal

"Just the bottle for restocking your home bar" - Los Angeles Times

"If you can smell quality, you can smell it in this vodka" - The Vodka Guy

750ml &  40% ABV

Tasting Notes Orchard notes of Bartlett pear, toasted grain. Smooth finish with lingering sweetness.
Ways to Enjoy
Classic: Vodka soda, vodka martini, vodka gimlet, white russian, salty dog: it does it all

Unexpected: Pair with Fernet Branca, ginger beer, orange juice and zest for an Orange Italian Mule
Awards & Accolades
89/100 -
Production Notes It starts with the same flavorful and aromatic Bartlett pears that are the foundation of the artisan pear brandy that put St. George Spirits on the map.  It's distilled to 95.1%. ABV, then the distillate is blended with a non-GMO base spirit. Finally, it's filtered to remove visible impurities.
Founder Facts
Before there was a craft spirit movement, there was St. George Spirits. Considered by many to be the ones who started it all, this house is particularly known for its gin (though we first fell in love with their vodka.)  What you'll always get when you choose St. George Spirits is a steadfast commitment to exceptional craft spirits of character and quality. Read more at Curiada's Q&A with master distiller Lance Winters.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.