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Beluga Gold Line Exceptional Quality Vodka

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Born in the Mariinsky distillery, one the one of the eldest distilleries in Russia in unique ecologically pure place in the heart of Siberia.

750ml & 80 Proof

Tasting Notes Soft, creamy, balanced structure and exquisite sweetness.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: Chilled neat.

Best of the Best 2013 Spirits by Robb Report.

Production Notes Naturally fermented wheat malt spirit using local artesian water. Filtration through silver enriched charcoal & quartz sand. The final stage in production is the “resting” period, which lasts 90 days. It is exclusive technique not used in the production of ordinary vodka. The “resting” period allows the vodka to settle down and acquire its mature noble taste.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

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