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Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin


Good news for fans of interesting spirits: Opihr, a truly international gin, is now making a splash in the US. Distilled in England with ingredients from seven different countries on three different continents, it's a gin in the tradition of the most iconic British gins, but with a distinctly spicy flavor profile.

"It truly pushes the envelope of what gin can be. Fans of classic gins only are best advise to look elsewhere." - Aaron Knoll the GIN is IN

"A well-balanced gin, perfect for colder nights, with exotic, spicy botanicals that make it warming and easy to drink." - Olive Magazine

Tasting Notes

Hints of dry spice on the nose with the coriander dominating mostly. Soft beginning on the palate but develops slowly into a warmth of black pepper and cubebs. Not too spicy, but definitely present as it creates a long finish with a touch of dryness. - David Marsland, Drinks Enthusiast.

"It wasn’t as spicy as I’d expected, although the spiciness was there with hints of pepper and coriander. There wasn’t a strong juniper smell, making it very smooth, and the spiciness was balanced by the scent of citrus. It was clearly a classy gin with an Oriental provenance." - Mike Gerrard, Travel Distilled 

Here's what The Gin Guide has to say. 

Production Notes

Opihr's Oriental Spiced Gin is a unique style of London Dry Gin created by the world’s first female Master Gin Distiller, Joanne Moore, at England's oldest distillery. The gin is crafted from a selection of hand-picked botanicals: cubeb from Malaysia,  black pepper, cardamom and ginger from India, cumin from Turkey, coriander seed from Morocco, bitter oranges from Spain, juniper from Italy and Angelica from Germany. These spices are sourced abroad and then brought back to England, where they are married with the grand tradition of British gin distilling to produce this inspired spirit.

Founder Facts
Opihr is named after the legendary port where King Solomon was thought to have received shipment of the goods which contributed to his vast wealth.  The gin was created with the ancient spice routes in mind, when enterprising merchants brought back spices and exotic goods from faraway regions, trading along the way.  

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: Gin & Ginger; stir with ginger ale and top with chili for a refreshing play on the spritz

Unexpected: The Tally Man, a delicious after-dinner cocktail that plays up the spicy flavor profile of this gin


2018 Gold medal - London Spirit Competition

2018 Gold medal - The Gin Masters

750ml & 80 proof

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.