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Fortaleza Tequila Blanco


Within the tequila hunter community, the bona fides of Fortaleza is practically gospel. It's one of the most widely-known and well-respected brands amongst those in the know, even if it still doesn't have mainstream recognition.

Fortaleza comes from NOM 1493, a revered Jalisco distillery located in the heart of Tequila, Mexico. 

If you're looking for a gateway tequila to begin your exploration within the wide world of agave-derived spirits, you couldn't do better than starting with Fortaleza.

"No two ways about it, when it comes to the world’s tastiest tequilas, Fortaleza belongs in the conversation.” - Robb Report 

750ml & 80 Proof

Tasting Notes A smooth delicious drink with strong earthy notes of roasted agave and black pepper. Accents of butter and warm vanilla linger just beneath its surface. Hints of olive, lime, citrus and agave round the palate and make way for a dry, yet deep and clean finish.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: Sip it to savor the real thing

Unexpected: Try a spicy twist with the Coconut Jalapeño Margarita


94/100 -
Production Notes

Don Cenobio Sauza is know by many as the Father of Tequila.  He was one of the earliest and longest lasting tequila distillers, and was responsible for much of the industry an economy in Jalisco and as a result of tequila's rising popularity. 

Fortaleza is owned and operated by Don Cenobio's great great grandson, and is produced at the site owned by the Cenobio family, building on their generations of tequila distilling heritage and history. In crafting its spirits, Fortaleza honors the time-honored, artisanal methods used to create tequila and pioneered by Don Cenobio.

Sweet, mineral-rich agave from Jalisco is matured for at least 8 years before harvested. It is then slow-cooked in an old stone oven, with steam injected to help with caramelization and flavor development. 

After 24 hours of cooling, the agave is hand-removed from the oven and stone-crushed, using a traditional tahona. A tahona is a large, 2-ton volcanic stone which crushes the agave fibers, releasing the sugar so that fermentation can occur. Though considered "inefficient" by many, stone-crushing is know to retain the best flavors and contribute to the best end result.

Fermentation happens in wood, open-air tanks. Destileria La Fortaleza uses a special yeast which has been in the family for generations.  Nothing else is added to the process, not sugar nor yeast-accelerating chemicals.  Fermentation at this rate takes about four days.  Then it is distilled twice in the original 100+ year old copper pot stills.  Fortaleza distills close to proof, to preserve as much of the agave flavor as possible. 

Finally, the tequila is aged in used American oak barrels, which have been re-chipped and re-charred, lending the tequila depth and complexity.  

Bottling happens on-site, in hand-blown bottles produced the same way they were produced 150 years ago. As a result, each one is a tiny bit different, testifying to the exceptional and original quality, care, and dedication of Fortaleza.

Founder Facts Known as Los Abuelos in Mexico, but Fortaleza (which is Spanish for Fortitude) in the United States, this tequila is currently produced by the great great grandson of Don Cenobio, who was the first person to export tequila to the United States.  He was even responsible for naming the spirit Tequila, and was instrumental in codifying both the production methods and the ingredient selection that would come to define the spirit. His grandson, Francisco Javier, was the one who actually established Tequila, Mexico as a Denomination of Origin for the spirit Tequila, ensuring only products from the region could be classified as such.  It's Don Javier's grandson, Guillermo, who resurrected the distillery and leads its modern-day incarnation.

Please drink responsibly. 

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