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Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka


A crisp, exceptionally smooth vodka produced in honor of the Russian Yachting team and its many prestigious victories, including beating the world speed record for crossing the Atlantic in 2011. The creamy, smooth taste is owed to quadruple filtration process and the longer-than-typical resting period.

750ml & 80 proof

Tasting Notes
Fresh-tasting with a subtly sweet aftertaste and a rounded velvety structure. Smooth, creamy taste.

Ways to Enjoy
Classic: Shoot or sip, to taste the pure, distinctive flavors.

Unexpected: Pair with espresso, steamed milk and Mr Black for a Flat White Russian
Production Notes

Beluga Transatlantic carries on the grand tradition of Russian vodka excellence. It starts with artesian spring water which, despite its purity, undergoes double filtration (first through quartz sand, then through a special silver filter) in preparation. This is mixed with softened water and a malted spirit, all of which is then purified again: filtered through a 10.5 meter birch charcoal column filter and once more through a special cotton filter, unique to the Transatlantic, to complete the purification process.

It is then rested for 45 days in special steel tanks that blend the spirit and artesian water to achieve its balance and taste, then bottled.


This unique vodka is crafted at the Mariinsk distillery in Siberia, where the West Siberian plains meet the South Siberian mountains. Here the artesian spring water from a 250 meters-deep well runs pure, cold, and has a delicious taste that's ideal for making vodka because of the presence of quartz in the aquifer.

Please drink responsibly. 

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