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Avua Cachaça Copan Limited Edition


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Small-batch premium cacha
ça in collaboration with Hardy Cognac and Craig Schoettler of MGM Resorts. The first of a limited-edition native wood aged collection.

This remarkable spirit is extremely limited edition. Only 600 bottles produced and they will never be made again. We've secured access to 60 bottles. Be one of the very few lucky enough to appreciate the unmatched taste of this authentic experience.

Read more about cachaça here.


Tasting Notes
Toasted coconut and pine, fresh honeycomb, caramel and the rich flavors of cognac.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: sip neat, or over ice

Unexpected: The Cachaça Sidecar

Production Notes

In the hills of Carmo near Rio de Janeiro, Avuá Cachaça begins in the single-estate sugarcane fields of a small, family-owned farm. It is produced by one of Brazil’s top female distillers using a family recipe honed over three generations. 

Avuá Copan Limited Edition Aged Cachaça is aged for over one year in tapinhoā barrels. Tapinhoā is an extremely rare hardwood found in parts of South America. These barrels impart soft sweet notes of fresh honeycomb & caramel.

After aging, Avuá Copan Limited Edition Aged Cachaça is finished in a large Hardy cognac cask (pictured here) that retains the cognac soak for nine months.  It rests for more than six months in the cask, imbuing the spirit with the rich, refined flavors of Hardy Cognac.

Avuá sugarcane is grown in a hilly area near the border of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. This area, traditionally used for sugarcane and then coffee production, was a part of trade networks along the Rio Paraiba to move gold and other commodities for transport back to Portugal.

Each cane field produces one type of cane and each field goes into one lot of Avuá, giving every lot a subtly distinct taste.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.