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Corte Vetusto Espadin Mezcal


The flagship expression from Corte Vetusto, the most highly-awarded mezcal brand in the world.

This is a stunning mezcal made from Espadin maguey. Distilled by a fourth-generation Master Mezcalero, this is single-producer, single-varietal artesanal mezcal crafted with the wisdom and experience that comes from time-honored tradition and true artistry.

Mezcal's rising popularity is thanks to brands like Corte Vetusto, which is helping bring new dimensions to the world of agave spirits.  Taste and discover.

750ml 90 proof

Tasting Notes

Fruity and sweet upfront, followed by vegetal, roasted agave, white pepper. Subtle smoke all the way through. Excellent, long finish.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: sip this neat (or kiss it, as they say when it comes to Mezcal)

Unexpected: Mezcal Coffee Tonic: one part Espadin to two parts cold brew coffee.  Top off with tonic and garnish with an orange.


Gold Outstanding - International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2017

Mezcal Trophy - International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2017

Production Notes

This artesanal, single-producer, single-varietal mezcal is made using century's old techniques passed down through generations. Neither formulas nor scientific equipment are relied upon in its production. Rather, it's experience, skill, patience, and art that together create this exquisite liquid.     

The Espadin expression is made from a blend of both wild and cultivated Espadin magueys, aged 8-10 years. 

The agave hearts (piñas) are first hand-harvested by machete and coa (a long wooden stick with a thin blade at the bottom). They are then roasted in a conical earthen pit lined with volcanic rock, which absorbs and maintains the heat. Regional hardwoods, including mesquite, are lit, and agave fibers from a previous distillation are used as a base, to prevent the fresh piñas from burning and producing an overly bitter mezcal. Here, the natural starches in the piñas are converted into fermentable sugars over the course of 3-5 days. 

Once cooled, the piñas, cut into smaller pieces by machete, are slowly crushed the traditional way: a horse pulls a large volcanic millstone (tahona) around a stone base in which the tender, fragrant piñas sit.

Once the juice is extracted and the fibers crushed, it is all transferred to large open-topped wooden vats for fermentation. Pure local mountain spring water is added, and then nature is allowed to take her time as wild, native airborne yeasts do their work of fermentation. This process that can take up to two weeks depending on season and even wind conditions.

Finally, for maximum flavor and complexity both the liquid and the fibers are transferred to the still. Corte Vetusto Espadin is twice distilled in a wood-fired copper still, which requires careful tending and a practiced eye to manage.

The spirit is joven, or unaged. 

Terroir Corte Vetusto is made at a palenque in Mitla, in the Oaxaca region. Mitla is home to a famous archeological site, the sacred burial site of the Zapotec.
Founder Facts Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz is a fourth-generation mezcalero. He is committed to the traditional ways, but brings tremendous expertise and finely-honed sensibility to his methods.  He leads a team of four and together they produce Corte Vetusto.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

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