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Blue Note Straight Bourbon Whiskey 9 Year

Cult Favorite


The richly scented Blue Note Straight Bourbon Whiskey has an incredible mouthfeel and full-bodied flavor. One of the reasons we're fans? It delivers the richness and complexity of a much higher proof bourbon with a smooth, smooth taste.

Memphis, the home of the blues, brings you Blue Note. Aged a minimum of 9 years and carefully crafted by the up-and-coming Big River Distilling Company.

750ml & 93 Proof

Tasting Notes Aromas of maple, butterscotch, and vanilla. A viscous and rich body that delivers an appealing mouthfeel.  Maple, dark caramel and vanilla on the palate. A smooth finish with lingering hints of vanilla.

Ways to Enjoy
Classic: This makes an excellent Hot Toddy

Unexpected: Start with Blue Note 9 Year, add Amaro Nonino Quintessentia & Cocchi Americano Rosa to make the dry, well-balanced Paper Plane
Production Notes

This Tennessee straight bourbon whiskey is made from a proprietary blend of two mash bills:

  • 84% corn, 8% rye, & 8% malted barley
  • 70% corn, 22% rye, & 8% malted barley

Blue Note is not chill-filtered, which contributes to the depth of aromas, flavors, and the quality of the mouthfeel.

The production is truly small-batch; each batch is kept to around 20 barrels. This means there are slight variations between them, while the overall profile remains consistent. A true craft production, bottles are hand-labeled and hand-filled.

Blue Note Bourbon is aged in Memphis near the banks of the Mississippi River. The Memphis climate is naturally hot and humid, and the microclimate of the river's local brings in even more humidity, contributing to the deepening of the aromas and flavors in the bourbon as it ages.

Memphis is naturally blessed with a several million years old artesian well system that provides sand-filtered water to the region. The water has very low mineral content and is Ph neutral, which shows in the inherently smooth finish of the bourbon.
Founder Facts

Big River Distilling company is small, but mighty, and just getting started. The team is focused on delivering an exceptional craft product that provides true value for quality, while never cutting corners in the process.

Look for a variety of new, rare, and limited edition releases in 2021.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

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