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Experience Something New

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Experience Something New

There's magic to be found when tooling around a new city, region, or island. 

But far away vacations seem, well, far away right now. 

Here's one way to scratch the itch: get experimental with a new spirit that you've never tasted beforefrom a far away place.

And we have just the bottle.

Roots mastic mastiha liqueur on backdrop of pine needles & sky

Roots Mastic Liqueur

Very similar to its appearance, the taste of this liquor is clean and crisp. It has an elegant aroma that is soft and refreshing. The taste is undeniably clean with subtle hints of lavender, coconut and finally a minty freshness that lingers on the palate with a nutty finish.


Sip this spirit for a taste of island life, the Greek way. Here's one (delicious) way we recommend trying it:

Here are a few words from Nikolas Smyrlakis, Finest Roots founder, which we hope will help you further enjoy the authenticity, depth, and character of this exceptional liqueur:

This is what Roots is about: craft liqueurs with true heritage, 100% natural ingredients from unique terroirs with an amazing history. We hope that when you enjoy Roots in a small digestive shot or in a nice light long drink, the distinctive flavors will take you back to some of your own memories and stories, and you will connect your roots with our Roots.

Let us know how you like it!


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